Yogas Chitta Vitti Nirodhah


12 Sep Yogas Chitta Vitti Nirodhah

Patanjali’s famous definition of yoga is “yogas chitta vritti nirodhah”, which basically means yoga is the removal of the fluctuations or stilling the whirlpool of the mind.
When we first practice Yoga, especially meditation we get locked into this idea of no thought or complete empty space but fluctuations are never fully removed, thought impulses are there even for the most practiced Yogi. For new students I always say focus on the method & not the goal. Our minds are constantly on the go, the whirlpool of thoughts, stress, responsibility & even desire push & pull us in all directions. This incessant whirlpool can often create conflict & at the very least detaches us from our inner self. When we still the mind for a few moments it can almost feel like life slows down. We become less reactive & more productive. When our minds get opportunity to still we reconnect with who we truly our & we can reassert the meaning of our day.
Using music can help relax or stimulate but to really get the essence of meditation we don’t want to be led, or have more information coming at us- we need less.

Try doing this in silence each morning this week before breakfast.
Sit (chair usually best as it stops distraction of lower back aches)
Have palms on lap turned up
Sitting tall first begin to notice the pattern of breath but try not control it
Then gain mastery of the breath and make it more defined, longer & smoother.
Try to creat a belly breath by swelling the stomach with air as you breath in & on the out breath draw belly button to spine releasing every last particle!
This shouldn’t feel stressful or have you gasping…it’s a gentle, smooth breath.
Continue this for around 5 minutes.
Thoughts will naturally come into your mind, that’s fine don’t fight them just continue to focus on breath and allow them to pass.
You will experience a calming effect but we have 1 more element to include…
Now when your mind is at its still eat but our focus the highest set an intention for the day. Implant an idea you want to achieve or become. It doesn’t have to be dramatic the best ideas are the simplest…be more patient today, focus on a project, help someone, call & check in on a friend…whatever but something positive that will improve you day in some way.


Even practicing this for 1 week can have an amazing effect on how our day begins but if you take the time to have this 5-10 minutes as a daily practice for a month and just make a note of how it has impacted on you.






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