A private yoga session is an amazing opportunity for you to get one on one guidance and attention to deepen your understanding and execution of Yoga These intimate sessions may be treated therapeutically, with attention to your specific needs, or as an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, understanding and connection to your body and practice.

You will be given a nutritional plan to follow and advice on how to bring your life into balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

 Sessions will include Thai Yoga Massage therapy techniques.


Thai Yoga Massage is one of my most powerful tools in helping clients heal and unlock their body’s true potential. The body is made up of an interconnecting web of energy lines through which prana, or life force/energy flows. This force permeates all life and supports every living thing and when this energy flows freely we will thrive mentally, physically and spiritually.

Its hard for some of us to relate such terms as “energy” and “force” to something more however these terms have scientific basis. Think of it in this way. Every single cell in our body from the organs to nerves to our skin all interact with one another to help us interpret, make sense and then take action on the world that surrounds us.

If we have blockages in parts of these interconnecting networks then we can’t possibly function at our best. This can lead to general aches and pains in muscles or for some more drastically such as feeling anxious, low or upset without reason. This can be largely down to our hormones become affected by blockages, tensions and stresses. In my near 2 decades of experience in health and fitness I have found Yoga & Thai Yoga Massage one of the best tools to help clear these blockages both physically and emotionally.

Sessions will include assessment, botanical tea drink (specific to the clients needs), Yoga practice followed acupressure and massage (often using herbal balms and specific chakra aroma therapies) with Thai yoga massage & finally meditation.



(Sessions are recommend o.n a 1-2-1 private basis however partner session may be an option. Maximum of 2 people per session.

Session price can be shared between clients)

60 minutes £50
90 minutes £80


Hot Yoga Classes


Creator and co founder of YogaLife Stuart set out to build a space where peace, freedom and healing can be amplified. The studio has been designed to use healing vibrational elements from light, sound and aromatherapy and this sits perfectly with Stuarts own unique style of teaching. Being a yoga student since his late teens Stuart found that these elements when combined with Yoga can have a profound effect on people’s health and happiness. Stuarts classes are dynamic and rhythmic with focus on strength of breath and flowing movements.
“The flowing nature of my classes help all students connect to a deeper sense of freedom and expression which helps them let go of the days troubles and worries. Yoga is a self journey but one that’s better shared with others and with this in mind my classes have a fun & relaxed tmosphere”

Family & Kids Yoga Classes


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