The Love Frequency


22 Nov The Love Frequency


Heart Chakra
The Power of Green Vibration

Love is an emotion created from energy, just like light is energy. Similar to light or sound, emotional energy also has a frequency. Think how we use subtle light or sound to alter our emotions, our actions. The sex industry use red light (think red light district) to promote feelings of sex, desire, stimulation. We use blue and violet in hospitals and care centres to help calm or nature and even subdue it (more of that another time).
The most powerful frequency is the love frequency. Love has the power to change a persons entire belief system, their outlook on life, their direction.
This frequency is the highest and most powerful!

By experiencing love, it radiates from you and is subconsciously felt by others at least to some degree.
We know this just from our own experience. When your around positive, happy, loving people how does your mood, your emotion your thoughts change? How do you react around that person or those people? You naturally draw to them, you smile in their presence.

So think about how you radiate frequency and energy. Would you not want to be radiating the most powerful frequency possible?

Love energy causes changes in your behaviour that make others feel you are a positive person to be around. These love energy vibrations can therefore be transmitted to others, including animals, objects and plants.
Open your heart Chakra & radiate love #yoga #yogalife #hotyoga #love #heartchakra

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