Working with me is something different. It’s not just about getting fit, its not about just shedding fat & its not just about toning up. Its about building a plan for Life.

If you want to change your lifestyle, feel good about each day, nourish and care for your body and start to appreciate and love yourself & those around you then you have found the perfect starting point.

If you are here to simply count calories, track your weight and look for the quick fix its not going to be the place your after.

My passion for helping individuals take control of their lives has lead me to creating this unique approach.

The focus is to enhance your quality of life, health and well-being. First and foremost our intention is to be happy so, lets take the steps to lead you to a healthier, happier more fulfilling life and all your appearance, weight loss and body image goals will follow. My 4 Elements of Health act in a union to give every person who works with them the tools needed to create the lives they deserve.

This Is Your Life Revolution!

You can book to work with me on a 1-2-1 face to face basis or work online from anywhere in the world. There are monthly workshops throughout the UK, webinars, fitness classes and even Personal 1-2-1 sessions with myself and all you need to do is register using this link:

Working with me means you will be given the workout, nutritional plan & support thats right for you. This is your opportunity, Take it!



Online Life Revolution Plan: £50

Personal Fitness Session: £60 (includes Life Revolution Plan, workouts & diet)

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Yoga Life

“I created Yoga Life to offer a unique space for all to share and develop their Yoga practice. Our studio is a truly unique experience combining light therapy, aromatherapy, detoxifying tonics & Hot Yoga.”
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