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12 Mar Over The Rainbow

As I’ve mentioned before the chakra system I employ with my students isn’t the traditional tantric system & so I guess it shouldn’t be called the Chakra system in that case. As we are beings of light who are tethered to this reality and it appears tethered to light and its vibrational quality, I draw on this for the foundation to many of my classes. For those that have practiced with me or read previous blogs you will know I take much inspiration from the amazing effects light has on the human psyche. To recap, we as humans, are aware and sensitive to a specific spectrum of light- our white light that is. When we discuss light I refer to the light thats emitted from our white star the Sun. This light can be broken up into a spectrum of wave vibrations from red to violate. Red being the fastest and shortest vibration & violet being the longest and slowest with everything that appears between these 2 points just a change in vibration as can be seen below.







As I mentioned we are connected to this light & our sensitivity towards the changing vibrations impacts on our thoughts & actions. (For more on this please see that Chakra Vlogs on my youtube channel). As the vibration of pure light changes we see the spectrum of light re, orange, yellow, green. blue, indigo & violate.

You may notice this division of light creates the rainbow pallet we see as that great phenomena in the sky. Mythologically the rainbow has always been a sign of hope, a connection between the heavens & earth & a sign of peace. In Norse mythology the rainbow was a bridge that connected humans to the Gods of Valhalla. In the account of Noah and the great flood the rainbow was seen as a peaceful covenant and promise from YAH-WEH (God) and in Hindu mythology, the goddess Maya created a world of seven rainbow-hued veils.

The rainbow therefore has played a very significant role in our ancestors cultures but is there more to this than just ancient myth & superstition?

Well it would do us well to remember these ancient cultures gave us wonders such as the Pyramids of Giza, which even with todays great advancements in engineering & mathematics we have conceded we could not construct. The same can be said of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon which would have required a water irrigation system so intricate & powerful that if we held that knowledge today we would be further along to solving the horrific droughts that plague many of earths inhabitance.

So with that in mind lets dispel the view that we are looking at a purely superstitious, uneducated people and instead lets give them the respect and attention they deserve & then see if there are indeed elements we can learn from today. Application of so much ancient knowledge has had significant impact on many things we understand today & maybe the rainbow symbolism & obsession can be one of those also.


The ancients outlined a connection between light and ‘enlightenment’ or power. Understanding light (the rainbow) could offer us an opportunity to grow in power, health & happiness. As I mentioned before I see this as a connection to recent science that states changes in light vibration can induce a change to our thoughts and if we can control our thoughts then we control our actions and lives. The basic premise can be seen commonly with light as a colour. If you were to sit in a red lit room how do you think you would feel? Would it have any impact on your psyche or actions? What about the colour green what does that evoke in you? I’m sure you would agree there would be at least a subtle change and thats at the heart of this rainbow theory. The theory continues that each vibration of colour is linked to a specific emotion or action and is linked by its effect on the brain. The brain being the decion maker and dictator of the entire body intern, effects glands & hormonal responses and finally the action occurs.

Lets look at one example.

The colour Red.

Associated with fear, anger, warning & survival. We see this in nature. Red is used to warn & thats why we so often see it in advertising. Its very attractive of our attention.

The brain associating this with survival has created a link to the adrenal gland- our ‘fight or flight’ response to danger.

If this pathway is over stimulated then we can concluded we get a response associated with survival or danger.

In the example of sitting in a red room we would expect subjects to begin to feel energised at first but then in time anxious, irritated and even angry.

This has been evidenced in many studies & again is a primary reason we use the colour red to warn or to sell a product. Us humans just have to look at the colour vibration of red!


Different colour vibrations illicit different responses and if we understand these we can flag up characteristics in ourselves that might be over stimulated or under stimulated. If you find it hard to express yourself theres a vibration for that. If you feel rigid and lacking your spark of creativity theres a vibration to help with that.

Now I’m not saying simply bathing in a coloured room can be the cure to all emotional instabilities but I am saying like the great myths of old its worthy of our consideration.


Peace & Love



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