Letting Go in child’s pose (Balasana).


15 Aug Letting Go in child’s pose (Balasana).

Letting Go in child’s pose (Balasana). It’s so easy to be caught up in practicing the “real” or “hard” postures and overlook something that’s more subtle such as child’s pose.
I love child’s pose. I love the symbolism it’s western name conjures up- innocents, loss of ego & being cared for.
Child’s pose is one of those great “check in” Asanas. Nearly all of the day is spent in a state of extreme external awareness.
Most of our time is devoted to interacting with others and taking in immense amounts of ever changing stimuli.
So when you return to Child’s pose it allows us a chance to reconnect with our own inner guidance system. It’s an opportunity to shift to an internal state of awareness where we allow ourselves to check in with our breath, body, emotions & spirit. By spirit I mean the true you, your essence, who you really are underneath all those layers.

Child’s Pose is your little personal cave.
So…check in, let go of the external and go within.
Happiness is an inside job after all.

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