Have You Stopped Losing Weight?

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18 Jan Have You Stopped Losing Weight?

It happens to everyone and sometimes its not something to worry about but sometimes its down to you doing a few things wrong! So lets give you some pointers.

You’ve completely cut out carbs!
Yep it’s usually top of the list this one. I can’t even umber the amount of times iv had conversations over carb cutting but I do know they all go the same way. “I’m not losing weight anymore and I haven’t eaten a carb since 1999!” Well ok I’m exaggerating but you get the picture.
You should not eliminate carbs completely, especially if you exercise regularly. During exercise, your muscles demand glycogen from carbohydrate stores in your body and if you don’t eat enough carbs your glycogen levels will be too low and you won’t have the energy to exercise as intensely. The result? you’ll burn fewer calories during your workout as well as post-exercise since your body won’t require as much energy to recover or repair its tissue. Carbs aren’t the enemy! Focus on the TYPES of carbs your eating. Cut the pasta, bread, all wheat based foods and look how much sugar you are having, then load up on the vegetables.
You rush through your strength workout.
Squats, bench presses, and deadlifts are great ways to build muscle and burn fat but if your always rushing though the reps like you need a wee then your missing some vital fat blasting effects. Slowing the reps down keeps the muscle working and “stressed” for longer meaning more muscle fibre recruitment and therefore more calories burnt before and after the session.
You’re snacking all wrong.

Instead of reaching for low-calorie eats like rice cakes and low fat cereal bars I want you to welcome nuts & avocado with open arms. Research shows that polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) can enhance the activity of certain genes that control the fat burning process. This means you encourage a better fat burning environment throughout the day.
Warning Warning Warning! Don’t go wild! Nuts are moorish and before you know it you’ve eaten enlighten to feed the family so chill it out- less is more sometimes.


Get Some Sleep

Work hard & rest up! Never neglect the importance of rest and make sure you get some form of stress relief or meditation sessions built into your fitness diary.


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