Family Meditation

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10 Mar Family Meditation

I know first hand the benefits meditation can bring & on a Sunday me & Louise have a little ritual of Yoga, Sound therapy and a meditation. Now that Louise is pregnant we wanted to look into how meditation can impact on her and baby. The asana practice is going to change because Louise isn’t quite as acrobatic as she was pre baby! The element we were most interested in was the effect music (sound therapy) & meditation could have.

What Is Meditation?
Think of meditation as some quiet time to breathe and connect, be aware of passing thoughts, and to clear the mind. We all have preconceptions of what meditation is and they usually involve mental images of bald minks & panpipe music. The problem with that is it creates this lofty enigma which for a lot of people seems too “out there” to relate too but nothing could be further from the truth. The basic principle is learning to focus and creating a personal time and space away from the speed and stresses of day to day life.

Just think about it for a second, how much time do you have thats dedicated to you? I mean really dedicated to you? Not thinking of work, friends, children or partners. Not “relaxing” watching TV or films? If we are honest its very little time, if any at all! Meditation is a commitment to you! It doesn’t have to include any theological or mystical connotations, its just time to connect to you.

Some say it’s finding inner peace, learning to let go, and getting in touch with yourself through breath, and through mental focus.

For some of us, it can be as simple as deep, in-and-out breaths in a quite place as you try to focus on you, your body, and in this case the baby.

What Are the Benefits?
The general benefits of prating meditation include:

better sleep
anxiety/stress relief
peace of mind
less tension

Doctors and scientists have studied the benefits of meditation on pregnant women and they have shown that it can help moms-to-be throughout pregnancy and especially at birth. They cite benefits such as connecting to your changing body, positive labor preparation, lower risk of postpartum depression & greater sense of self during pregnancy.

I’m going to follow this blog with a more in depth post that looks at the hormonal effect on both mum and baby not just during pregnancy but also after birth. Theres some really interesting studies on the long term effects creating calm, positive environments for mum and baby during pregnancy.

What About Yoga?
A study in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing found that women who started a yoga practice including meditation early in pregnancy effectively reduced stress and anxiety by the time they delivered.

Women who practiced mindful yoga in their second trimester also reported significant reductions in pain during their third trimesters.

What About Sound Therapy?

This works much the same. Using specific sound frequencies that initiate mums relaxation responses. The sounds used must align with frequencies that relax the brain and stimulate the release of hormones such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, the happy hormones.


We are keeping a dairy and will let you know how it progresses and which methods work best for us.



Love & Peace



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