Changing The World


12 Mar Changing The World

Theres probably nothing more noble but also nothing more daunting than wanting to change the world. The “world” seems much a huge notion that we feel ‘little old me can’t change it’ or ‘nothing I can do will make a difference’ so we don’t bother.

Is that really true? Maybe, Maybe not.


The next series of blogs and Vlogs on my youtube channel will look at some theories on how our thoughts & actions just might impact on the world that surrounds us. We will discuss the butterfly effect, the power of consciousness & the ideas behind a global connected consciousnesses that links every living being on the planet. Mystical & religious philosophies don’t often marry up with science but discussing the two will give us a plat form for this next series.


So hopefully you will join me and as always i would love your input and feedback so contact me via the usual methods Facebook inboxes and email.


Peace & Love



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