10 Feb What Is Raj Yoga?

Raja Yoga is yoga of the mind. It focuses on the intellectual, emotional and intuitive parts of the personality. Its purpose is to awaken hidden potential through true understanding. It requires us to raise the lower mind to the higher mind from a sensory, external...

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04 Jan Warrior ll

Warrior ll one of our most known asana's and one that draws on an ancient story of love, passion, revenge, death & ultimately shows even the Gods have imperfections like ourselves. This story begins with Sati the daughter of King Daksha falling in love with the...

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02 Jan Urdhva Hastasana

Upward Salute (Urdhva Hastasana) Urdhva Hastasana literally means Raised Hands Pose. It looks easy but as with all asanas there's much more to this posture under the surface. So keys get it aligned! * Stand in Tadasana, and turn your arms outward so your palms face away...

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23 Oct Manipura (Navel Chakra)

This chakra is located around the Navel & is called Manipura which means lustrous gem of the city. If you have ever heard the expression fire in the belly then you can imagine the power thats unlocked when balancing this Chakra. The Navel Chakra is linked...

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05 Oct Drop Into A Restorative Yoga Class

A restorative yoga sequence typically involves less postures, much less focus on heat & dynamic strength. Instead its aim is to help students unwind both physically & emotionally. I personally find restorative classes much more challenging than the strong dynamic Asana based classes of Vinyasa,...

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25 Sep The Peaceful Warrior

The Warrior postures are some of the most commonly known images of a classic Yoga Asana. With Yoga being so intimately aligned with peace, stillness, love & acceptance it seems a contradiction to have some of its postures named "Warrior" which conjures up war, pain...

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22 Nov What Are Chakra’s?

Understanding chakras will open up new ways of understanding yourself and communication with others on a grater level. Before we start looking at how many chakras there are or what they mean for us, I want to explain how chakras have sound science behind them. The...

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22 Nov Lentil Soup

The winter chill has started to kick in back home in Cheshire so Louise has been in the kitchen all week making soom really homey winter grub and this lentil stew was one of my fav's. Its really filling, its tasty and its #meatfreemonday #meatlessmonday so get...

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