12 Mar Over The Rainbow

As I've mentioned before the chakra system I employ with my students isn't the traditional tantric system & so I guess it shouldn't be called the Chakra system in that case. As we are beings of light who are tethered to this reality and it...

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12 Mar Changing The World

Theres probably nothing more noble but also nothing more daunting than wanting to change the world. The "world" seems much a huge notion that we feel 'little old me can't change it' or 'nothing I can do will make a difference' so we don't bother. Is...

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12 Sep Yogas Chitta Vitti Nirodhah

Patanjali’s famous definition of yoga is “yogas chitta vritti nirodhah”, which basically means yoga is the removal of the fluctuations or stilling the whirlpool of the mind. When we first practice Yoga, especially meditation we get locked into this idea of no thought or complete empty...

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22 Nov Do You Wana Get High?

  For anyone whose been to our practice you will agree Hot Yoga leaves you feeling cleansed and purified, not to mention higher than a cloud. The feelings produced mean its very easy for passion to cross the line into addiction. A good addiction I may add....

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22 Nov What Are Chakra’s?

Understanding chakras will open up new ways of understanding yourself and communication with others on a grater level. Before we start looking at how many chakras there are or what they mean for us, I want to explain how chakras have sound science behind them. The...

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22 Nov The Love Frequency

IMG_9806-1 Heart Chakra The Power of Green Vibration Love is an emotion created from energy, just like light is energy. Similar to light or sound, emotional energy also has a frequency. Think how we use subtle light or sound to alter our emotions, our actions. The sex industry...

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11 Sep What Is Yin Yoga?

The term “yin yoga” comes from the Taoist tradition. Yang relates to movement, often repetitive movement, creating heat in the body. This can be attributed to most of the modern new wave yoga practices we are seeing in many studios. Power Yoga, Rocket Yoga and...

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