Call To Attention – Mountain Pose


01 Jan Call To Attention – Mountain Pose

When January begins the feeling I’m most longing for is balance. After the excesses of the holidays many of us look to start the year with a more balanced diet and maybe a more balanced social life but the need for balance goes deeper for me. My rhythm and routine is all over the place. My sleep pattern is chaotic at best and I have completely lost track of what day it is. While in some ways I love the chaos I know like everything in the universe I feel better when I’m in a cycle and rhythm. The find thing I do is find a balance point and fix that intention in my mind. One Yoga posture more than any other aids me in this.

Samasthiti is the intention to stand in perfect balanced stillness & strength. The intention of Samasthiti is evoked in Mountain Pose which we often use to begin our Asana practice.  Think of this as a call to attention, a method that brings you into the present & ready for the practice ahead.

With that intention in mind its easier to understand how Mountain Pose has real action. Its not an idle or nonchuant waiting in aline, its like a student preparing themselves for a master teacher or a solider awaiting the command of his general.

Samasthiti also provides a guide for all the postures that follow as it reminds us of this need to cultivate balance. This balance can be felt physically as we distribute our weight evenly through the body but also mentally as we channel and focus our thoughts. The Yoga Sutras talk of the mind as an almost incessant whirlpool what we tame through the practice of Yoga. Channeling our thoughts and giving them direction is one of Yogas most valuable lessons.
Alignment is key here. The feeling of standing in perfect balance physically will help the mind and spirit find that same intent.
On first impressions this can seem “easy” when in fact it’s not. You will feel a strength & alertness (not tension or stress- STRENGTH) in every single muscle. Your breath and mind will focus.
I often begin practice here especially with beginners although mountain pose -Tadasana.
Il revisit this next week on our Youtube channel and guide you all through some key alignment tips.



OM Shanti







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