10 Feb What Is Raj Yoga?

Raja Yoga is yoga of the mind. It focuses on the intellectual, emotional and intuitive parts of the personality. Its purpose is to awaken hidden potential through true understanding. It requires us to raise the lower mind to the higher mind from a sensory, external...

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12 Mar Over The Rainbow

As I've mentioned before the chakra system I employ with my students isn't the traditional tantric system & so I guess it shouldn't be called the Chakra system in that case. As we are beings of light who are tethered to this reality and it...

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12 Mar Changing The World

Theres probably nothing more noble but also nothing more daunting than wanting to change the world. The "world" seems much a huge notion that we feel 'little old me can't change it' or 'nothing I can do will make a difference' so we don't bother. Is...

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10 Mar Family Meditation

I know first hand the benefits meditation can bring & on a Sunday me & Louise have a little ritual of Yoga, Sound therapy and a meditation. Now that Louise is pregnant we wanted to look into how meditation can impact on her and baby....

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04 Jan Warrior ll

Warrior ll one of our most known asana's and one that draws on an ancient story of love, passion, revenge, death & ultimately shows even the Gods have imperfections like ourselves. This story begins with Sati the daughter of King Daksha falling in love with the...

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02 Jan Urdhva Hastasana

Upward Salute (Urdhva Hastasana) Urdhva Hastasana literally means Raised Hands Pose. It looks easy but as with all asanas there's much more to this posture under the surface. So keys get it aligned! * Stand in Tadasana, and turn your arms outward so your palms face away...

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30 Oct All You Need Is Love

Anahata the Heart Chakra is the bridge from our primitive instincts to our higher spiritual self. In Sanskrit Anahata can be translated as meaning infinite, limitless or boundless. I can't think of anything greater to describe love! Working on balancing this Chakra will rekindle the...

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