Bio Identical Hormone Therapy


We treat a wide range of symptoms at our clinic, which can be grouped into women’s health conditions and men’s health conditions. With both personal and professional experience with specialising in bio-identical hormones and preventative medicine we believe in maintaining health by balancing hormonesand preventing disease.

Our aim is to recommend treatments that enable you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and help every patient take back their vitality and thirst for life. When prescribing treatments and health plans we are realistic and empathetic to each individuals circumstances meaning our recommendations are completely bespoke. With health & vitality it’s not a case of one size fits all. It’s also essential we have all the information available to ensure our recommendations are carefully considered and have sound physiological and psychological evidence behind them.




Both women and men need a balanced endocrine system, as hormones regulate EVERY function in our body. When our hormones are well adjusted, we feel healthy, energetic and more in control of our lives.
As we age, there is a naturally occurring decline in hormones and due to our stressful lifestyles and poor diets we have accelerated this decline. Its important to stress that health issues, illnesses and our aesthetic appearance are all dependent on maintaining a balance between our sexual hormones. Balancing these hormones can have a wide-range of significant health benefits in treating the following symptoms:


Dry and wrinkled skin
Gaining excess body fat
Memory loss
Low libido and vaginal dryness
Erectile dysfunction and diminished libido • Fatigue
Hot flushes and night sweats
Mood swings and depression
High cholesterol
Sleep disturbances
Decreased strength and lean body mass


Do You Suffer?


We treat a wide range of symptoms and people often see us for help with the following symptoms:
fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, irritability, skin problems, loss of libido, inability to concentrate, muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, abdominal bloating, appetite change or generally feeling low.
Unfortunately many have been told this is all normal and something you have to put up with but that’s not the case. You can take back your life and regain a new body and mind with this natural treatment. Often an improved diet plan & increased activity can be enough to stimulate an initial change however sometimes after looking a little deeper we find that a treatment is needed. This really is an opportunity to regain your life.


Our Services


Before prescribing any treatment we collect as much information as we can to paint a picture of your unique hormonal make-up so that we can tailor the treatment to your specific needs.


Our services include:
Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hormone and Vitamin Anaylsis via blood test
Thyroid Therapy Treatment
High-Dose Vitamin Treatments • Nutritional Therapy
Nutritional Plan
Activity & Exercise Recomendations




The Health Check assesses possible risk factors to a healthy life. It includes a consultation about
your symptoms, a physical examination and routine blood tests that measure the following:

Red Blood Cells
White Blood Cells
Platelet Count
Kidney & Liver function
Thyroid Profile
Free T4
Free T3
Thyroid Antibody (TgAb)
Thyroid Antibody (TPOAb)

Adrenal Profile
Human Growth Hormone Profile
*GH Stimulation Test

Sex Hormone Profile

Vitamin D


Care & Treatment Cost


Initial Consultation & Blood Test – 45 minutes £225
We will spend time understanding your history and symptoms, making an initial assessment of your condition and will take blood tests.


First Follow-up Appointment – 15/30 minutes – no charge
Approximately one week later you will return to the Clinic or be contacted via telephone to review your test results, receive advice on managing your symptoms and order your bespoke prescriptions.
Week 4 Second Follow-up Appointment – 30 minutes – no charge
You will return to clinic or be contacted via telephone and review your progress with the prescribed medication. Any required adjustments to your prescription will be made.


Week 8 Third Follow-up Appointment – 15/30 minutes – no charge
You will again return to see your doctor for a progress review. Repeat prescriptions will be issued where necessary.

As each patient will require different treatment we can’t give a specific cost of your treatment, however please feel free call to discus the average cost before you book your blood analysis.


Why bio – identical Hormone Therapy?


Hormones control every function in the body. They are powerful chemical messengers that circulate through the bloodstream to specific target cells, where they generate a wide range of biological responses. Hormone imbalances can have an impact on virtually every major system and organ in the body. One may consider hormones as some of the prime moves in physical and emotional health.
Bio-identical hormones are 100% identical in chemical structure to those that are found in the human body. Unlike synthetic hormones, which are used in conventional HRT, bio-identical hormones are not recognised as foreign to the body. That is why it is important to monitor hormone levels and symptoms as required for each patient. A ‘synthetic’ hormone has a chemical structure that may be similar to, but no exactly the same as, a hormone produced by the body. These chemical differences can mean that the synthetic hormone acts differently in the body and produces substantially different effects.

We work to restore balance. Above all be assured that our aim is to help you regain health and your thirst for life.

Book A The Most Comprehensive Blood Analysis £225


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