Advent Calendar Day 4 Revolved (parivrtta Trikonasana)


06 Dec Advent Calendar Day 4 Revolved (parivrtta Trikonasana)

Advent Calendar Day 4 Revolved (parivrtta

So the first week of our calendar has brought up a few twists!tiday the hip opener is perfect if you notice your feet turn out when you squat, walk, run ( most of us do so have a little look). This asana helps lengthen the piriformis and hamstring muscles which will help your bum ignite and give you rock hard buns
The revolved Triangle pose is also fantastic to help strengthen the upper body with the back and shoulders all getting a workout.
This pose is easier with a narrower stance.
Strengthens and stretches the legs
Stretches the hips and spine
Opens the chest (we all have very tight chests that force a weakening of the upper back)
Can help relive back pain (both lower as the hips open and upper as the chest lengthens)
Stimulates the abdominal muscles
Stimulates digestion
Improves balance
Strengthens and tones shoulders, middle traps (between shoulder blades)
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