Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) Tune Up


16 Oct Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) Tune Up

Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra) links to creativity, fluidity, emotional stability & a zest for life. The Chakra is located in the pelvic area & in a very literal sense is associated with our sexual organs & creativity in the form of reproduction. This literal interpretation is taken on to a lesser physical meaning when we look at other aspects such as our behaviour & emotions. When this Chakra is in balance you feel free, fluid, intuitive & have a greater sense of subtler fluctuations of your being. When this Chakra is blocked you can feel not deserving of pleasure, confined & trapped. This Chakra is closely aligned with the famine, lunar energy or the right hemisphere of the brain. A specific Yoga Asana & pranayama practice can leave you feelings liberated & free in the most beautiful way possible.

I base most of my Asana classes round this & Anahata (heart Chakra) because in the West we seem to neglect this aspect of our lives the most. As I mentioned in last weeks Chakra blog we are a very left brained, male dominating culture & we often overlook intuition, creativity & compassion in favour of authority, logic & strength.


Working on this Chakra will unlock feelings & emotions that most of us buried along time ago & as we experience this fluidity we find a new freedom. If Sun Salutations are the epitome of Root Chakra Masculine Energy then Moon Dance or Chandra Namesake can encompass so much of the Sacral Chakra.


With that in mind heres my key features of a Svadhisthana Tuning Practice.


  1. Hip Openers. If you attend my classes you will know we always go deep on hip openers! For those that haven’t you teacher has probably mentioned how much emotional tension we carry in our hips in a class you’ve attended. Its true. Our physical body is so intimately woven into our emotions & mental state that effecting one has a direct affect on the others. Therefore if we physically unwind the hips we give opportunity to emotionally & mentally unwind.
  2. Dance through the practice. Dancing is without doubt one of the routes to enlightenment and true happiness or Ananda- divine bliss. Everyone can remember at least one time when they’ve danced around the room like no one is watching, totally free & lost in the moment. Well this IS YOGA! For me there is no other way to explain the experience & benefit of Yoga than this. Yoga is really an expression of how we can experience the NOW. When we are present we let go of the illusions of the future & shackles to the past. We just BE. Dance has that same element & if we combine the two of these then something really special can emerge. To really experience this element don’t think of holding Asna (postures) think of moving or flowing through them. For every moment you are in a posture feel change, movement & growth as you journey deeper. You can even emphasise this by actually rocking or swaying in postures. Not pushing or bouncing but rather think of a mother nurturing baby with a gentle loving rock from side to side.
  3. Visualise the colour Orange. The wave vibration of the colour Orange aligns with this Chakra & can have an immense impact on the experience you have.
  4. LET GO. You’ll see me write this a lot in my blogs & if you come to my classes you will hear it almost every time. The lessons of becoming submissive & being able to surrender are so far reaching I wont go into them now but learning to let go will change your practice. Letting go of unhealthy emotions, people, and memories is so important. When we learn to let go of the baggage that we don’t need to carry, we create space & freedom. When we feel free we feel like the true self-the true YOU!



Element: Water

Colour: Orange

Sound: VAM

Asna: Deviasana (Goddess Pose)

When its blocked you can feel emotionally unstable, guilty or not deserving of pleasure. When its balanced you feel creative, trust your intuition & express fluidity to be receptive to change.

Go to the soundcloud page to download the music to help the Svadisthana Tune up & include the beautiful dance of hip openers into your practice this week.


Join me this week at Yoga Life

Monday 7am & 6:30 pm Power Yoga Sacral Chakra Tune Up

Wednesday 9:15am & 6:30pm Restorative Sacral Chakra Tune Up

Thursday 6:30pm Power Yoga Sacral Chakra Tune Up

Friday 9:15am  Restorative Sacral Chakra Tune Up

Saturday 10am  Restorative Sacral Chakra Tune Up





Tuning up this Chakra can have the most amazing impact on your day to day emotions I really can’t say anything to convince you further. Today we are almost tricked into being dependant on others for happiness or told to be hard and tough because life is a FIGHT. The truth is life is a gift & we are in control of our own happiness. When we learn to trust our intuition & have faith in our own creativity we find true balance & freedom in life. Don’t underestimate the power for the feminine energy & the power of compassion, without it life itself would cease to exist.


Close your eyes

Take a breath

Let GO







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