Root Chakra Tune Up


09 Oct Root Chakra Tune Up

If you haven’t heard of Chakra’s before then take 5 minutes to flick through my previous blog post on some of the basics on the Chakra system and how it can be used to help improve your practice.

The best explanation of how to use the chakra system is by thinking of chakras as a blueprint for your own practice. We know how Yoga & meditation can help reduce stress, boost confidence & clear the mind but those attributes are quite abstract. The Chakra system helps you look a little deeper and tune in on the specifics. So, your tired & stressed but from what exactly? Is it stress or frustration because you feel your not being listened too or because you don’t feel appreciated? Being able to discern the different aspects of stress helps us find solutions.


Today I thought we could look at Muladhara (Root Chakra) and see if the aspects of tuning this Chakra strike a chord with you. The Root Chakra is linked to the element of Earth. When it’s in balance, we feel strong and grounded & stable. When it’s out of balance, we may feel unrooted and insecure. If we don’t feel secure and strong in our current actions & this stage of our life it impacts on all our future decisions. The Root Chakra is also linked to Survival! Our most primal instinct is to survive & fight for life however when this Chakra is over stimulated that primal instinct can turn into us feeling in competition with our surroundings even friends and work colleagues. This leads to a disconnect to those around us & in turn will lead to feelings of insecurity & loneliness “its ME against the WORLD!’ attitude is promoted in modern culture but its divisive and can be very destructive. As I mentioned in previous blogs the Chakras are linked & stimulated by light & colour too. We know different vibrations of light & colour can effect our emotions and actions. In this case RED is the colour linked to the Root Chakra. If you think about it we see this connection to survival & the colour vibration of red in nature. Red is used to warn and protect but also used to signify fighting off threats. Red vegetables and fruits for example contain high levels of anti-oxidants & phyto-chemicals which fight cancers among other diseases. You can also see how this Chakra is probably the most over stimulated! Advertising bombards us with RED “BUY NOW”, “SPECIAL OFFER”, etc. The colour red attracts our attention as its linked to our primal instinct to survive-we literally can’t help ourselves but to look!

On a biological level stimulating Muladhara is linked to the simulation of the adrenal glands. If your a coffee buff or love high intensity exercise then you will have experienced this feeling of almost instant, often frantic energy.

While we stimulate this Chakra a lot in the west, we fail to ground all that energy and it leaves used irritable & with huge highs and lows of energy. A Yoga practice built around this Chakra will focus on this idea of grounding, rooting down & emphasis being present.

To fine tune this Chakra & better own connection to its care we want to create an environment that exhibits all the features we was to cultivate. We can do this by using light as mentioned before, using specific Asana (postures) practice & also using the vibtriaon of sound! Sound just like colour and light is a vibration that can change our emotional & therefore our physical body. When you link a specific series of Yoga postures, light & sound vibration & set your intention to align with the class then something special can be assessed.

If something you have read stakes a chord with you then why not join me next week Monday 7am, 6:30pm or Thursday 6:30pm as I lead a Muladhara Balancing Class. If you can’t make those classes then I have a link to the vibrational therapy music I have mixed for the class & below details of the Asna’s we will be incorporating.

Summary of Root Chakra

The first chakra, called muladhara, is located at the base of the spine. “Muladhara” means root.

The element its linked with is Earth.

When it is blocked or out of balance, you can become needy, have low self-esteem, or have self-destructive behaviour. You can also find yourself overly busy & feel like you just bounce from one thing to the next in a rush. This can lead to exhaustion, anxiety, and stress.

When Muladhara is in balance, you feel strong and confident. You are clear minded and your decision process is more thoughtful and less reactive.


Asana Practice

imageAdo Mukha Svanasana (Down Dog): What could be more grounding than having your hands & feet rooted/connected with the earth? While in this posture close your eyes, take a breath & ROOT in! Imagine drawing up energy through your hands & feet & visualise that energy filling your entire body.






yogalifeuk-478Trikonasana (Triangle Pose): Feeling both rooted & open is a key element of this Asana. Use a block for your hand and again feel secure and stable from your foundation. This time you can grow with that security. With your feet & hand rooted, roll open your chest with confidence & reach higher towards an energy above. Use visualisation again to feel both still/rooted but also growing taler as you reach.




Malasana: This Asana will directly open your root & connect it to the earth. If you watch a child you often see them in a similar position. Usually equating down when they down want to move!



yogalifeuk-337Vriksasana (Tree Pose): Trees are only as strong as their roots but they are also adaptable and can bend & bow in the wind. This can be an expression of how this posture symbolically works. Feeling rooted but not rigid is important for us to deal & adapt to stress. Times will be hard, the symbolic wind will blow you fro  side to side BUT you are STRONG, your roots are deep & you can withstand the storm! While in this posture let your weight be carried from side to side. Feel how you keep changing your balance point & credit yourself with the ability to return to a place of balance & strength.

Meditation Guide

Now that you have spent some time connecting with the first chakra through asana, breath, and intention, please take a comfortable cross-legged seat. Keeping your eyes closed

Use the vibrational music I have mixed & begin to Chant LAM. Don’t follow the music, be aware of it but not guided by it. Chant, Chant, Chant! You may either chant it out loud or silently to yourself. If you haven’t chanted before it can feel strange but just think of it as a means to pin-point focus your mind in the intention of this Chakra. Don’t over think it, just chant, chant CHANT!

After around 2 minutes let go of the chant & lay down in corpse pose! Savasana. While keeping your eyes closed focus on a red light. Use your visualisation to illuminate the base of your spine and pelvis with this red light & keep that ficus for around 2 minutes. Again don’t over force the moment & if you find it more challenging to visualise then take a breath and simply keep still in Savasana & let you mind stay with the breath coming in & our of the body. Focusing on the subtle breath will help slow the mind & the vibrational music can then do its magic!


When the mind is a little calmer like this its always an opportunity to implant something positive. Before you bring your awareness back to the body I want you to silently say the following mantra…

“I am secure”

“I am strong”

“I am protected”

“I am peaceful”

Take the time to observe each affirmation & let it imprint on your mind.


After 2 minutes begin to reawaken the body by moving finger tips, toes the wrist & ankles before taking a big stretch. Next blink your eyes open & take a big breath in & out.


Sit back up and have 1 final minute to reflect on how you feel, what you see, hear, taste, smell & take another deep breath in & out.





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