We all have the same goal… to be happy…


We have different perceptions of what that happiness is and how to get there and yet in the pursuit of happiness most of us lose site of the here and now. We sacrifice our health and happiness in the present in a hope it will all be worth it in the end. When is that end? Is it when we are ill, over weight, down, lonely, stressed?


We need a complete revolution in the head if we are to create the life we all want. It begins now, it begins with you. Start practicing the things that will make your mind and body happy now. You need movement, fun, positive surrounds and people & then let go of toxic foods, thoughts and relationships. This is your call to work with me book now.


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    What Is Raj Yoga?

    Raja Yoga is yoga of the mind. It focuses on the intellectual, emotional and intuitive parts of the personality. Its purpose is to awaken hidden potential through true understanding. It requires us to raise the lower mind to the higher mind from a sensory, external......

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    Take Care Of Your Most Precious Gift

    It’s so strange how we lose perception of whats truly important amongst the constant influx of information we have to sift through. If you’re anything like me you wince overtime your teenage daughter drops her iPhone and follow it up with “you need to take......

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    Over The Rainbow

    As I’ve mentioned before the chakra system I employ with my students isn’t the traditional tantric system & so I guess it shouldn’t be called the Chakra system in that case. As we are beings of light who are tethered to this reality and it......



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Our Future Depends On What We Do In The Present

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